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Bali Celebrates New Year

New Year celebration in Bali
No glowing rockets, firecrackers no loud bangs – that curfew: On Nyepi, the Balinese New Year’s Eve, the people must not on the street. On the eve celebrate an eerily beautiful ceremony to drive out the demons.
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Bangkok Wants to Ban Street Vendors from Downtown

The peddlers of Bangkok
Noodle soup, toys and fake watches – the range of about 400,000 Bangkok street stalls is huge and popular with Thais and tourists. But the city wants to drive the mobile dealer from the City.
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Igloo Hotel in Lapland: Off to bed, the northern lights show starts


In the wilds of Lapland a Finn has designed an exceptional luxury hotel. His guests look out of glass igloos in the clear polar night sky – and enjoy the northern lights with kitschy Zebra ceilings. Read More »