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Hiking Tips for Winter Weary

Hiking Tips for Winter
Birds are chirping, the green sprout, and floral scent is in the air: It’s time for the winter bye-bye to say. The six hiking destinations you can go to meet the spring with giant steps – from Lake Constance to the Rhine Valley.
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Welcome to The Quake Zone

Bam in Iran
Ruined walls, empty Accommodations: A gigantic earthquake destroyed the Iranian tourist destination of Bam in 2003. Even Akbar Panjalis Hostel remained only rubble and debris left. Now he is hoping for tourists.
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Bali Celebrates New Year

New Year celebration in Bali
No glowing rockets, firecrackers no loud bangs – that curfew: On Nyepi, the Balinese New Year’s Eve, the people must not on the street. On the eve celebrate an eerily beautiful ceremony to drive out the demons.
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