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Polar Bear in Canada

Canada Polar Bear

A polar bear to get close to a few meters, which is an unforgettable experience. In the West, Canada’s Hudson Bay, the animals can be observed well in the fall. The rendezvous is going well – if tourists keep to the rules.
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The Criminalization of Bavaria


Barcelona drew Woody Allen with a lot of money, New Zealand markets itself as the home of the Hobbits: More and more cities and countries vying for a worthy place on the screens of the world. For successful movies and hit series promise crowds – this also applies to Bavaria.
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The Padirac, the Lantern


Since you have undertaken the study of underground Causses and their depths, so go to Padirac well: it is a famous hole whose shepherds are very afraid. I’m sure you will find an underground river ” , spear, one day in 1888, illustrator Gaston Vuillier to his friend Edouard-Alfred Martel , passionate Parisian lawyer caving.
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